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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A great weekend!

This weekend flew by but it had a lot of fun moments. First, as you all already know, I ran my first 1/2 marathon of the year. It was so great I can't even tell you because you'll probably think I'm crazy. I had great music to listen to, the race was out in the trees and hills of beautiful Oregon (it did rain the whole time and was quite muddy, but hey, thats Oregon for ya), I didn't feel dead tired during the run like I did last year (but my thighs did start screaming at me at about the 11th mile marker), and I got second place in my age group. I know I've already said this but I can't wait to run my next race. There is something to be said about finishing a half marathon, there's such a feeling of comraderie with all the other runners and a feeling of great accomplishment. It's a total rush, I love it! My sister didn't end up going because she had work to finish (yuck, who likes to do work on the weekend) so it was just Karl and I, and we had a great time hanging out. I have to say, I just love my brother-in-law. He is a fun guy and I'm so glad that he is a part of our family. The rest of saturday is sort of a blur: I went out for mexican with Sam and Karl, high-tailed it church (I did shower first, no worries), had a Mentor/Leaders meeting and then went home and went to bed. I was one tired girl.

Sunday rolled around, bright and sunny, and Kristin and I went to breakfast downtown at Stepping Stone Cafe. Kristin and I both got whole wheat pancakes with fresh strawberries (mine had blueberries in it too). It was oh so very delicious, and I can't wait to go back again. We've decided we want to make a point to go to breakfast downtown at least twice a month. I mean, its great cause we have breakfast pretty early and then we can walk around 23rd or the Pearl in the morning light and enjoy window shopping and great conversation. This is why I love Portland! It's such a fabulous city, not too big but not too small. We have wonderful hole in the wall restaurants that serve great fresh and organic food. Seriously, come visit, we'll have a blast! :) After hanging out with Kristin I went to my Financial Peace class at church. It was great, as always. Ramsey talked about the 5 things we need to do before we make a serious purchase (something over $300 or so), which I can't think of right now so sorry if you thought I was going to give you some great saving/spending advice. My mom was leading the monthly women's lunch/bible study that they have at their church so my dad and I went out to lunch at Thai Orcid (we'll have to go when you get back, Bekah). The pad thai was great, but I still want to try it at Typhoon, dad. :) I finished the day by hanging out with my best friend Rachel. I love it, we can go months without seeing eachother with just the occasional email or chat on the phone but when we finally get together it's like no time has passed at all. I was able to see her precious boy Sam for a little bit (who did have a not so precious moment while Rachel was trying to get him dressed, apparently he prefers his birthday suit). He is talking and it's so fun to listen to him, even if I can't understand everything he says. Mark was gracious enough to take Sam while Rachel and I went shopping at Trader Joe's (my favorite health food store ever!). It was so very good to hang out with her and hear all about how things are going with her family and her new pregnancy. I think I already said this but she is having a boy and his name is going to be Grant. Just like my daddy...okay, maybe they aren't naming him after my dad but it is my dads name so I'll just tell people that they are. :) Here are some pics of mommy and son. Don't they make a cute pair?
And then here is Sam before clothes...
and after clothes. I think I already told you which one he prefers. :)

Well, sorry this is a bit late and sorry I didn't have more pictures. Basically my camera sucks! Dad's camera to the rescue! :) Have a great day everyone!


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