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Monday, April 24, 2006

Lot's o' pictures

Well, several things have happened in the last two weeks that I have taken pictures of so I thought I would share them all with you. First off, a little over a week ago, the whole Student Ministries staff (including the college dept.) took a staff retreat to beautiful Sun River. Here we all are working very hard. :)
Then on Thursday I went to Trader Joes with my former roommate (who also got engaged and married while we lived together) whom I haven't seen in a very long time. It so good to hang out with her and do some catch up.
Friday was a beautiful day and I got to spend a part of it driving to and from Paper Zone down town. I also wore a turtle neck sweater (typical Oregon weather, it started out raining and chilli, I should have known better). I look kinda mad, but I'm not. I'm just trying to look like I'm paying attention to the road.
I also got some pictures of the flowers around my apartment. My good friend Jenny came over Friday afternoon and we hung out and did some catching up too. It was great fun. Look at us all ready for that wonderful warm weather (we tried sitting by the pool but it was too windy and cold so we had to go back in and get warm; we're dorks...or at least I am)

Saturday was another beautiful day and we took advantage of that during the morning hours by doing service projects all around Gresham with the High school students and an older group called the M&M's (I don't know what that stands for, I should find that out). It was great fun and we had a pretty good turn out. My group went to Shepherds Door and pulled weeds, edged the lawn, planted trees and all sorts of other fun lawn maintenance stuff.

Sunday, again, was absolutly georgous (I feel like a broken record, but we haven't seen the sun like this for awhile) so I had to take advantage of it again. After having lunch with the fam (burgers outside on the grill) I went and hiked up Angels Rest which is in the Gorge. Which by the way is one of the best hiking area's in the US. :) But, OH, my goodness, Angel's Rest is one of the most beautiful hikes. It's not too hard and it has such amazing views from all different points on the hike. Of course the best one's are on the top (look, you can see my hands in my glasses, weird).

Phew...there ya go everyone. Sorry there were so many pictures but I just didn't have time to put them up as I took them. And sorry I'm so weird with taking pictures of myself...well, actually, I'm not sorry. If you know me at all, you know that's just how I am. I've never been camera shy. Maybe I should work on that a bit. :)

Love you all!



Eric said...

wow so do you wanna hear something random? I have no idea when you left a comment on my blog, but just noticed it TODAY! (Apr. 25th if you're wondering). ha I hope you didn't leave that months and months ago, but if you did, I'm very sorry, for whatever reason I didn't get sent a notification. And of COURSE I remember you, I was your date on the Lambda hayride when you had to take all the pictures :)

Tabs said...

That is funny! I can't even remember when I posted that comment but is has been awhile. I didn't think you would ever know I had commented since the last time you posted was in September. :) I'm glad to know that your alive and well, I was getting a bit worried there for a minute.

Oh, the Lambda hayride, I can't believe you remember that, that feels like forever ago. It sure was a fun time, though.

Okay, I'd love to hear whats goin on with you these days but since this isn't the most ideal place to accomplish that, if you want, shoot me an email at

Hope to hear from ya!

sara m. said...

Go Tabs! Rekindling an old flame? You better not get married and move to another state before I get home. I hate it when that happens.