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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One small step for American Idol, one giant leap for Tabitha

Well, Tuesday night I did something I have never done before. I actually voted for an "American Idol." Like I've mentioned before, I have never really gotten into the show before this season (so that is a first right there). Even during this season I've not been moved enough to feel the urgency to place my small and barely noticable vote for anyone. Tuesday night was different though. Chris had such an amazing performance that I felt he deserved to recieve my very first American Idol vote. The song he chose was great, his outfit was great, and he just looked great and very comfortable up on stage. That singing on the floor advice seemed to really help him. :) Way to go Chris!

I was torn, though because I really thought Elliot and Kathrine sang great as well. I think it will come down to those three and that makes me excited. I think (and kind of hope) that Taylor goes home next week, though. I'm getting tired of him just a bit. He's a great singer but he is kind of weird. And this week was no where near his best. Maybe next week he'll do a 180 and completely change my opinion. I thought Paris did a pretty good job too, but I just don't know if she will make it to the last 3. She has a pretty amazing voice though, I'm not worried about her even if she leaves next week. She has a huge future in front of her.

Oh, and finally (!!!), we bid farwell to Kellie Pickler. She was never one of my favorite's. She was a cute and sweet girl, but seriously...not the brightest light on Broadway. We wish you well in the future Kellie!

That is my humble take on American Idol. Any comments?

Love all!



Lori Bell said...

My vote is with Chris too (if I voted, that is!!). He's amazing!! I was tired of Kellie, so I'm glad she got the boot. Sadly, I didn't get to watch this week. love you!

Seth and Jennifer said...

Chris did great that night! I feel for Kellie, but I think that that her time has been up for a little while. But, I do hope she does well in life and that she can have a better relationship with her dad. Maybe this whole experience will help open some doors for her.

Jen said...

It so hurts my feelings when people make funny of Kelly, and call her stupid because I make dumb comments like that all the time, on accident and its not fair to think we're dumb just because we stay dumb stuff.
Also, thats why I keep my hair brunette, because it makes me at least look smart, if I don't always SOUND smart ;) I was SAD when Kelly went home, I liked her. But now Chris and Katherine are my 2 favorites. Everyone else, GO HOME!!! Love you baby. Still no phone call, I'm thinking he <(Do you know who I'm talking about?) needs to get the boot. Boys who disapear randomly shouldn't get second chances, I'm thinking... kiss kiss love you

marilee said...

Chris is my favorite too!! He is awesome.