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Friday, April 28, 2006


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! Marilee called me last night with a very interesting questions. Would you like to know what it was? Well, I don't care either way cause I'm going to tell you anyway. She asked me....okay, let me calm down for a second...she asked me if I wanted to join her family on a cruise in December. A CRUISE!! IN DECEMBER!!! OH MY GOSH, YES! I can hardly contain my excitement just typing the words! I about passed out when she told me and I'm not kidding, you can ask Marilee. Its so funny, well maybe not really...but it's so funny cause I just told Marilee that I want to go on a cruise next year for my big vacation and I wanted her to try and come too cause that just sounded like the best idea ever. She said that would be fun and we should really try and do it. Well, then I get this call from her last night and here she is inviting me to go with the whole Kelso clan (plus Tams, I think) on a Carribean cruise in December! Thats this year, not next year but THIS year! I think I'm more excited about this than going to Kauai. Oh, thats right, Kauai. I'm going to Kauai in September!!! Oh, I can't wait for that, too! What a great year this will turn out to be if I go to Kauai AND go on a the same year! Did I mention yet that THE KELSO FAMILY ROCKS!!!! They are a super fun family and to get to go on a cruise with them will be such a blast I can't even imagine. Well, phew...I'm exhausted just from being so excited about it and I only just heard about it last night. WOW! Okay, I'm sorry to lay all this on you all but I am just way to excited to contain it and this seemed like a great way to get it out of my system (well, sort of out of my system). Now all I have to do is keep my eyes open for tickets to Houston in December. Oh, this traveling stuff is fun!! Maybe next year can be my European trip. Hmmmm....

Have a great weekend everyone!


tams said...


I am totally pumped about our cruising plans. Let's hope we both are able to make it so Mar isn't stuck on the boat alone...with her entire family. You will love them all. They're a hoot!

I'm jealous I don't have more vacation time or I would totally crash your trip to Hawaii. :)

marilee said...

Tabs!! I am so excited that you are excited about the cruise. We are going to have such a BLAST!! P.S. sign me up for European trip! :)

Carrie-Margaret said...

Dang T!!! you are one blessed woman! im so happy for you! however, im going to bug you for some prizes from your awesome vactions!! and you better my dearest T take some pics! i think of all the beautiful things you will see when you go to Hawaii.. my paintbrushes are like YAHOO! new ideas! hehehe!
i love you so much my lil' T! and God Bless u 2!

Melissa said...

hey tabs... you should make your european trip next year... I will be stateside Sept to January... and who knows where in Western Europe after that.. but for sure a good stopping place for you! :-) and yes... I know I get to travel a lot but I am slightly jealous that you are going to kuai and caribbean.. yes... I am. true confessions.