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Monday, May 1, 2006

Early morning hot tubing

I did something on Sunday that I would like to recomend to you all (and is something that I hope to add into my weekend schedule on a more regular basis). At around 8:30 am yesterday morning I went out and sat in my apartment complex's hot tub. It was so wonderful because in place of the screaming and splashing kids there was calm waters and birds chirping. I also was able to enjoy the wonderful early morning sun that can so often be missed by late sleepers. The sun was just coming up over the tall trees that are on the East side of my complex and there were few clouds in the was gorgeous. Granted, it wasn't warm outside but the water was nice and hot making the contrast very nice.

Now, I know not everyone has access to a hot tub but if you do or if you ever do in the future, remember my words and give this a try. It is very calming and is a great way to start a day. It gives you time to relax, recouperate, and reflect. It would even be nice with a friend (if you have a friend that would get up and come over that early). Oh, and you get some sun, can't complain about that. And did you know that sun exposure for fifteen minutes three times a week gives you all the vitamin D you need? What a great way to get it.

Well, that is all I have for you now. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Oh, I forgot to mention that I went and saw United 93 on Saturday with the fam. It was a very well put together movie except that pretty much everything was filmed with a hand held camera. I got so motion sick that I had to leave my seat and sit on the floor by the exit door so I could still hear the movie but make a quick get-a-way to the bathroom should the need have arise. Besides my churning insides, the movie was very well done. It doesn't add any extra stuff to the movie like love stories or anything like that. It just gives the bare bones of what happened that day, showing us just what they saw from the ground and I think they did a great job of showing us what probably happened on the plane in those final minutes. I recomend it.


Eric said...
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Eric said...

haha, I just have to laugh. I also am a huge fan of early morning hot tubbing when given the chance, but I guess I've never considered 8:30am as an early riser ;) Guess that's what I get for growing up on a farm!

Lori Bell said...

Oh Tabs, you make me smile! I do love hot tubs, but can't say I've tried it in the early time I have the chance, I'll try it out!