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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

2 items: one good, one terribly horribly bad

The first item is for runners or walkers. I, like so many others, like to get out of the gym and run in my neighborhood when the weather is beautiful. However, running outside can be a bit hard for someone like myself who likes to keep track of how many miles I've run since it's not like the treadmill which tracks that for you. Well, to keep this post short I won't go into much detail but I found this great site that lets you map out your running route, marking each mile along the way and giving you exact mileage you've gone in your little excersize excursion. It's at the USA Track and Field website and it's great cause you use it no matter where you are in the US. So, have at it all you runners/walkers!

The second item is that the gas station by my apartment complex has gone up to 2.93. 2.93!!!!! All I can say is WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?! Soon we'll be handing over our first born to gas station attendants just to fill our vehicles. This is ridiculous, folks, and I wish there was something that we could do. I won't bore you with anymore ranting since I'm sure you're all hearing it from other friends and family. But if you have any opinions, thoughts, ideas...please share, I'd love to hear them.

Well, hope everyone has a great day and doesn't go broke filling their tanks.



Nate said...

My friend Andrea (that's awnDRAYuh) gave me a shirt from a Nike sample sale. I thought of you immediately, since it doesn't do me any good to have the phrase, "26.2 Miles can't stop me" written across my chest. It would be a lie. 26.2 miles can indeed stop me. So I thought I give it to you.

Right now, I'm trying to convince Andrea to go running with me. I think there will be kicking and screaming involved.

Melissa said...

well... just to put it in perspective... gas where I am is 1.38 euro/liter... which is the equivalent of 5.22 euro/gallon or 6.57/gallon ... you really don't have it that badly Tabs... :-)I spend about 100 dollars to fill a tank of gas that will go for about 500 miles. :-)

chigbee said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog through my friend Lindsy's. I'm going to be working in Gresham at Camp Collins this summer and hoped you could give me some heads up on some things to do or see.


Anonymous said...

That running website is great. I've been running in my neighborhood and I finally know how far I've been running. Thanks.

Oh and on the gas thing. If you are worried about the prices just go to that running website and find out how far it would be to run or walk to all you destinations and then paying for the gas to drive there won't seem so bad.

Seth and Jennifer said...

Ok, I don't know who wrote the last comment. But I had to laugh becuase that just isn't reality for 98.9% of us. Espeically when you live in the burbs or just outside the city. Although, running to and from places could lower the rate of obeseity in our country.

Anyway, I'm determined to not let this gas thing get me down. I believe that somehow I can conquer it like it's some sort of game or personal challenge. One thing that we've been doing is keeping track of our mileage to and from the doctor's office, pharmacy, dentist, hospital, etc. At the end of the year, you can give this information to your tax consultant and it can be included with your deductions. I think that there are other things you can deduct your mileage for (like volunteering and stuff.) Anyway, it's something positive to think about.