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Monday, May 8, 2006

The race is over

Well, everyone the Hagg Lake 10 Mile Run race is over and I feel pretty good. I got lost on the way there, was late, basically told two cops to shut up and was allowed to start 11 minutes after everyone else (I think everyone was so nice because I had tears in my eyes and would have kicked some butt if they had done otherwise). It made for a very interesting race but I also think the adrenaline helped me out a bit because I ran the race in about an hour and 19 minutes (which breaks down to about 7 minute, 40 second miles, something I didn't even know I had in me). The race was on a road that went around a very beautiful lake called Hagg Lake (doesn't sound like it's going to be pretty but thankfully it didn't live up to it's name) and was quite hilly, though that isn't a bad thing because when you go up you must come down and those down sides feel pretty darn good. I came in second in my age division again, which is fun, but I think I'm going to have to find that girl and have a little chat with her, Tanya Harding style if I get second again. ;) Oh, yeah, I can't forget to mention that my knee has been killing me since last weekend and on Saturday did fine for most of the race. However, when I finished and the adrenaline started to faid, the pain started to swell and it became difficult to walk on my left knee. I've been icing it, putting some ointment stuff on it and taking aspirin. I hope this isn't a big thing because it would really put a damper on my running future. But I have a whole month to recoup and get ready for my next race. June 10th is the Helvetia Half out in Hillsboro. I'm a bit nervous about it because, as the name of the city where it's located indicates, it's supposed to be super hilly which makes for a killer run. It just means I'll have to get out and train a bit harder, and like I said, with every up there is a down.

Oh, and I should mention that my dad took me out to eat at my fave pizza place, American Dream Pizza for lunch on Sunday's (now if only they would make whole wheat crusts). I think that their pizza is my favorite post race meal (well, sometime during the same weekend at least). I choose not to eat pizza very often since it isn't one of the most healthiest of options but after a race I think I've earned it. I think this needs to become a ritual. I mean, I do have a pre-race meal and a particular food of choice for the actual run. It only makes sense to have a post meal don't ya think? My pre-race meal consists of oatmeal with yogurt (maybe a little peanut butter mixed in for some protein), a banana and lots of water (gotta be careful, though, and not drink too much or I'll have to pee during the race and that is absolutely no fun, trust me) and I eat jelly belly's during the race (tasty, small and just a nice burst of energy, not super fun to chew though) so I think I do need to have a post race meal. In fact, I like the idea of it being the next day meal becuase I don't think I'd want the grease that inevitably comes on all pizza right after I've run a long way and my body is trying to right itself. Actually, my favorite post race thing to eat is a PB & J sandwich and baby carrots ... YUM!!! It's a great combo of carbs, protein and fat ... very satisfying to the body and the taste buds. :)

Oh, jeez...blah, blah, blah, can I get anymore boring? Seriously, sorry I'm not writing about anything a bit more interesting today. Oh know what your getting into as soon as you see the name of this blog so you can't be mad at me. :)

Hope your weekends were great and this week is even better! It will be for me cause I get to see my dear Roxy and her sweet baby Sophie!!! I can't wait!!!!


sara m. said...

way to go tabs! you're amazing. i would have paid good money to watch li'l ol' you tell two cops to shut up. nice! I miss you girl.

Sean said...

Tabitha, you crack me up... I don't think you have any idea how good you are at this blogging stuff. You should write more about your encounter with the police officers. I'm visualizing the whole thing in my head and I'm just about going into hysterics here. Anyway, have a great day and thanks for sharing.

God bless...