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Friday, June 30, 2006

Random thought of the day

I do not think anyone should feel bad or dumb or forgetful when they forget the date. Why should we be expected to remember something that changes every day?

Tabs out


Carrie-Margaret said...

your right T! no one should ever feel bad or dumb if they forget a date.. however, if you keep writing 2005 on some papers that maybe an issue.. (Me)

Melissa said...

what about forgetting dates that do not change... like birthdays or anniversaries... :-)

Tabs said...

Carrie-margaret: yes, forgetting the year, especially now that we are in July might be something that needs to be addressed. :)

melissa: Thats a-whole-nother issue. That's when you can feel bad. :)

But forgetting "today's" date should be thought of as totally acceptable.