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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have sort of fallen off the face of the planet for awhile. I haven't had the time, pictures, or the energy to post anything lately. But I'm starting to not check other's blogs because I'm so embarrassed about my lack of posting, so I know it's time to at least write a few words to my captive audience and let you know that I am still alive and maybe give a small insight into things that are happening right now.

We are leaving for Out of Town 5-Day clubs on Friday (at the butt-crack of dawn) and heading down to Southern California for 10 days. We'll do vacation bible school type stuff, a service project or two, hit the beach and go to Disneyland so it will be a busy, fun pack time. But with this trip comes lots of planning and preperation so it's been rather crazy around here (especially for me since this is my first time to do ANYTHING with 5-day clubs). These last few weeks had had their share of crazy hectic moments (figuring out the teams over and over and over get the picture; reserving white topped/tinted windowed school buses for us all to ride in down to Cali, that should be interesting...but fun of course; and my favorite: calling Disneyland and Hertz roughly 5,000 times and asking about that many questions and in the process, becoming best friends with Gus and Jared, respectively). The thing with big events like this or any other, the world doesn't stop so that you can get everything taken care of for this event and then move onto something else. There are still other things that are going on that need attention and that is where the fun really sets in. :) Oh well, that's the joys of having a job. Thank the wonderful Lord that I love my job and work with absolutely fabulous people!. Besides all of that, I am so excited and nervous and aprehensive and just a jumble of all sorts of emotions about going to California. I know its going to be a blast but then I know also that I'm going to be a leader so that makes it a little different for me. I've never been a leader for something like this so it throws a whole new spin on the experience and the nervousness I'm feeling. If you don't mind, could you say a prayer for all the teams (there are 4) that will be going to Cali this Friday? That would be greatly appreciated! Just pray for safety, compatability, and that the Lord will work through these kids (and that they allow the Lord to work through them) and that lives are touched through what we go down there and do. Also, please pray for me as I step once again out of my comfort zone and do something that is very different for me. Thank you all so much, you are awesome!

The other thing that is going on right now is that I'm moving at the end of the month. Fun times! I get back from Cali, have to go to work and then move. Yay me! That should be interesting. I'm house sitting for a month (August) and then I don't know what I'm going to be doing. But don't you worry, I'll keep you updated on that situation.

Bekah is finally home and that is so awesome! I got to go to the airport and see her come home which was really fun! She definitely cried (sorry Bekah, but I had to tell). We've gotten to hang out a few times since she's been home and it has been so much fun to hear all her stories and ask all the questions that I've been wanting ask all year long. Unfortunately we haven't gotten a picture together yet but she's thinking of stopping by the office today so we'll see if we can remedy that.

I think that's all I have for right now. I hope things are going well with all of you! You won't hear from me for a while (I'll be in Cali next week) but hopefully when I get back I'll be able to post a few pictures from our trip.

Love you all! God Bless!



Krista said...

I feel a little stressed out now after reading your blog. haha. Good luck with everything. Have fun in California! And...moving? Where to? It might be time for you to shoot me an email or give me a call. We obviously have some catching up to do.

Carrie-Margaret said...

LUCKY!!!!!!! you get to talk to Disneyland 5000 times!! have a blast there!! and please kiss Mickey Mouse on the nose for me k. (He likes it! trust me) ;)
i love ya T!!

Lori Bell said...

I agree with Krista...we have some major catching up that we need to do! Um, yeah, and I miss you! Hope all is well...sorry you're stressed out!

jen said...

Your gonna love it... I did!!! Just puh-leez don't let the students hang themselves (or their buddies) out the bus windows on the SoCal freeways, ok? It took me a good few days to train that out of them, and I do NOT want to do it again next summer... lol. Miss you. Thanks for the PB sandwich the other night. Loves
PS Also, don't have to pee 20 minutes after you leave the parking lot, like I did. Ryan made me wait 2 hours, not even kidding. I almost died, I seriously my bladder cracked. At least it felt like it did... :) To go next summer I'll have to have a catheter before he'll let me on his bus again haha...