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Friday, July 28, 2006

Starbucks or bust

This is what a week in California on a 5-Day Clubs team along with Ms. Barista herself, Kelsey Harry, have done to me. I now drink coffee, know (for the most part) how to make a proper order and how to personlize my drink. I was hoping and didn't think that it would go beyond the Cali trip but I was wrong. I told myself I was just going to have one more coffee drink to sort of ween myself off of the stuff when I called Bekah up the other night and asked her if she wanted to meet at 'bucks for coffee. Then I realized this morning as I was ordering my grande house coffee with sf vanilla that I was hooked...dang it.

Now, I have been drinking at starbucks off and on now for awhile but I would definitely not call myself a regular. Two reasons why I have stayed away from ordering much coffee from starbucks (or anywhere for that matter) is 1) the caffeine and more importantly 2) that the majority of their drinks are chock full of sugar and cream, making them very calorie dense and nutritionally lacking. Now don't let my babbling deter you from enjoying you grande non-fat black and white mocha frappacino or whatever it is that you love to get. This is just my weird health concious behavior kicking in. I know I'm totally boring when it comes to what I order at Starbucks but my drink list has expanded to more than just their Green and Passion teas. Coffee is good and caffeine is not bad, in fact I think there are studies out there now that are saying its good to get a bit of caffeine on a daily basis. It is probably a bit better to get your caffeine from green tea since it has more antioxidants. All that to say, coffee is good so get out there and enjoy it. I have now discovered that I love to get their brewed coffee (iced on hot days and warm evenings) with sugar free vanilla and hazelnut and no milk. It can be a bit bitter but for some unknown reason I am just totally drawn to it.

Anyone feel like sharing their favorite drinks? Oh, I also think its fun to order drinks at starbucks, you get to say this whole list of things and (anther weird Tabs moment) it makes me feel cool, like I'm in a movie or something. Maybe thats why I like to drink coffee. Sometimes I can be such a follower, it just usually takes me awhile to catch on so very slow and following waaaaay behind everyone else.

I have to admit to something though. I feel kind of bad having Coffee People around and it being a northwest coffee shop and all. I feel like I should be supporting the local people, but none of my friends drink there. No one says, "Let's meet at Coffee People." It's always, "Let's meet at Starbucks" even if they have already been to Starbucks early that day or have plans to meet there later with someone else. But since starbucks is everywhere, I like knowing that I can go anywhere in the world, order my regular and know with confidence that it will be the same as if I had ordered it at the drive-thru in Gresham. So why bother going anywhere else when I am just fine with Starbucks? Okay, I feel better now that I have shared my feelings and talked through them with you (don't worry though, I don't mind going to those random hole-in-the-wall, off-the-beaten-path coffee shops that are just so cute that you can't pass up).

So, Anyone have any thoughts on that dilema that is no longer? Please share your fave drinks, I love to hear personalized coffee orders, they're just so fun. :)

Well, everyone, have a great day!!

41 more days till "Hawaii, here we come!!!"

**Little side note: as I am sitting here typing and most definitely feeling the after-effects of my grande coffee, I realize from now on I should just stick with a tall coffee. Now that I am not drinking caffeine on a daily basis and am not using/needing it quite like I was in Cali, I don't need so much (not when I'm sitting at my desk for most of the day at least). It makes me a bit too jittery...hehehe


Bekah said...

I'm glad you're not ashamed of your caffeine-addiction. And if the queen of fitness endorses it, then I feel a whole lot better!

I usually stick to non-fat, vanilla lattes and iced macchiato's myself, which I don't feel like a movie star when ordering. I guess it's too short of an order. But today I needed caffeine, so I made myself some Tetley tea, english style... yum!

Carrie-Margaret said...

i enjoy a Peppermint Grande' mocha or Toffe Nut Grande' mocha from as you call it 'bucks.
very sweet & very yum!
hope you have a wonderful weekend! ><> love ya T!

benay said...

hey tabs!
my favorite starby's drink is a cappacino with a shot of vanilla and a shot of rasberry. I created this drink myself at the shell gas station up the street from OC and had starbucks make it for me. I went to see Jerry Seinfeld's stand up show a couple years ago and he said that people take better care of their starbucks then they do their own children. "It's getting cold out here so I'm going to put a brown jacket on you and a little white hat." He also aptly renamed the place, "Four-Bucks". Ha! Take care of yourself sweets.

Roxanna said...

A hot cappuccino, with a piece of lemon cake. The bitterness of the coffee with the sweetness of the cake are the perfect combination. What a treat!

lindsy said...

Oh I love Chai!!! It has loads of calories, but it's so good. I'd never heard of Chai until I went to Oregon. Remember that coffee shop Matt T took us to. YEA, that started my love for Chai!

Kristin said...

hey, girl! gotta say, being in europe has spoiled star-b for me ... those teensy slovene/italian cappucinos are like no other. ah, yum. but back in p-town, i'm trying to kill my jones with a short non fat latte. and did some coffee tasting with karyn meier (thanks karyn!) and discovered that i LOVE sumatra blend coffee. earthy and rich.

Nate said...

I'm a personal fan of several places. The coffee stand just off Hwy 26 at Orient in Gresham makes good Iced Mochas. Coffee Rush is good too. Stump Town on Division in SE has interesting atmosphere, and roasts a quality bag of beans if you're ever interested in brewing your own cup (add some hot chocolate, and you've got yourself an easy mocha).

Don't feel bad about you coffee addiction. I can still go back to my old coffee stand in Tacoma, and I don't even have to order. They still know what I drink! (16 oz. iced mint mocha),

tams said...


Mark, the preacher here, and I are official addicts. He loves a strong brew, black. I don't drink coffee (even after working at the coffee shop all those years at OC), so favor a nonfat chai, no whip. Iced or hot, it's Thanksgiving in a Cup! Mmmmmm....

Can't wait for our cruise!!!!

Krista said... favorite starbucks drink is a Soy Chai. Love it! I don't drink much coffee these days. It's way too addicting and it stains your teeth. Although tea does the same thing so I guess I can't say much about that. haha.

Faith said...

Hi Tabitha- I rarely go to Starbucks so I have no fun comments about coffee, I actually wanted to let you know that I will be adding you to my list of links on my blog that I started this week. Beks said I don't need to ask you but I thought it is only polite that I let you know! If you do mind I will remove your name promptly! :)

faith said...

by the should really stop bragging about hawaii, it makes the rest of us jealous:)

Seth and Jennifer said...

I'm REALLY into tea. I love it and Seth lives off of it. We like try a new tea each month. A new fav. is Keemun Hoa Ya A Tea. It has been called the best tea in China and the Queen's (England??) favorite (and ours too!)

But onto Starbucks-I love their Tangerine Frap. Mmmm! I get one when I want a special treat and I have some free time to myself (when is not very often.)