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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A random sort of fortune

"You could prosper in the
field of wacky inventions."
Awhile ago I found this fortune in my fortune cookie. It was rather random so I kept it in my purse. I came across it the other day and showed it Kristin to see what she thought about it and she said that it actually fit me. I don't know about that so I thought I should share it with my audience and get you thoughts. Do you think this fits me? Can you see me prospering from some wacky idea I come up with? If so, any ideas that I have ever shared with you that you thought was wacky? Who knows, it could put me on the map someday. Or, please share any wacky invention ideas you might have, maybe I can make it a reality. :) I would also like to add that I was happy upon reading this fortune because it was actually a fortune. Have you realized that they seemed to have gotten bored with coming up with fortunes lately and have started putting boring statements inside our coveted "fortune" cookies? Most of the time we are no longer given fortune cookies to enjoy at the end of our enthic meals, we are given statement cookies. How sad. But I can find happiness in this fortune which is a true fortune, albeit random.
Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!
Oh, and I should mention that there are only 24 DAYS TILL I GO TO KAUAI!!!

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