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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's that time again...

Every year around late August and into September I always get a little twinge of sadness. Why you ask? Well, because this is the time that students are gearing back up to go back to school. And it was the time of year that I was trying to get in all the time I possibly could with my friends and family, pack up all the stuff I was going to be taking back to school, shopping for new school clothes, and all the other fun and not so fun stuff you do when you have to drive half way across the country to go back to college. I know, I'm pretty weird that I miss school and get jealous of all those kids that get to go away to college for another year and have all those fun experiences that I had. But its more than that. I miss all the friends that I had and don't get to see anymore and I miss going to the intermural games, staying up late in the dorms and being totally crazy, the late night Walmart runs and whatever else that comes along with being a college student away from home. Those were really some great years that I am so thankful for. I'm not good at writing out my thoughts coherently so I'm going to stop there but I just wanted to know if I really am the only one that gets a little sad around this time of year to see kids going back to school, or going off to school for the first time. I am excited for them too, though. I love to hear about all the fun stuff they have bought for their dorm room and how they are nervous about meeting their roommate. College was the first time I really ever had a roommate. I grew up always having my own room. Rachel, my roommate for 2 and a half years at OC, had grown up sharing her room with her two sisters so she didn't know any different. It was an adjustment but it sure was fun. We had some great times. I also made some friends that, even though I don't do a great job, I still keep in touch with and am so thankful for that! The Lord truly blessed me with the friends that I made in college. I was in one friends wedding last year and I am spending two tropical vacations with another dear friend later this year (Marilee, KAUAI IN 3 WEEKS!!!). Maybe another reason that I get sad is because I am reminded of the friends that I haven't kept in touch with and have no idea how they are doing. We had great times and made super fun memories that I will never forget and I will miss them. Maybe someday I'll hear something or get a phone number or an email and we'll be able to pick up right where we left off.

WOW, all that just to say that I always get a little sad around this time of year cause I miss college. I miss the social aspect of college if you want to get down to the nitty gritty. I loved it and would do it all over again (but maybe with a little bit of the knowledge I have now). :) Does anyone else get these feels? Am I a total weirdo? Let me know what your thoughts are about this. I would love to hear them. And to those of you that read this that I went to college with, I miss you! I miss our fun conversations and our moments of pure laughter! Thanks for making great memories for me to hold to. Love you!!

I wish, wish, wish I could put up pictures from college but I'm at work and have none on my computer. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll scan some in and put them up so you can see just how much fun school was (oh, and you'd get to see another Tabitha).



Sean said...

No, Tabitha, you're not a weirdo. I feel the same way. There's something about those college years. You don't really appreciate them while you're going through them (probably because part of you dosen't realize that that time is going to end). But there really isn't a time like it. Even though I lived at home with mom and dad for most of college, it was a unique and fun time. I really miss it occasionally. Anyway, have a great day. Talk to ya later.

Carrie said...


I totally miss college, I can totally relate to everything you said... and even though there were times that were awkward and painful, I loved every minute of it. And I will always get a little jealous when kids get to go off to that world and I'm stuck in the "real world"