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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tab's fall tv show line-up

Okay so I totally stole this from my friend Faith's blog but I thought it was a great idea. The following are a list of the shows that have become my favorites for the obvious reason that they are just great and should not be missed. Of course there are other shows that I enjoy watching but these are the ones that I have (in the last year) become faithful to. I hope you will check them out and become an avid watcher like me. So this list is a list of my fave shows and when they begin, enjoy:

Sundays: Without A Trace airs September 24th on CBS @ 10 following Cold Case @ 9 which I also like and will probably watch
Monday: Free and open for right now. Got any ideas? It's kinda weird to not have a show to watch, help me out.
Tuesday: House MD airs September 5th @ 8 on Fox
Wednesday: Biggest Loser airs September 20th @ 8 on NBC
LOST airs October 4th @ 9 on ABC
Thursday (this will be a sticky night for me): CSI airs September 21st @ 9 on CBS which is the same time slot that Grey's Anatomy airs in but on ABC.
Friday (and you thought I was done): Crossing Jordan airs on October 20th @8 on NCB

WOW, I'm a sad little girl, aren't I? Oh well, thats why we have VCR's with record buttons. Unlike Faith, thought, I don't have to worry about a husband or a roommate wanting to watch something other than the shows I like. That's the beauty of living by yourself. :) But I did catch myself in a pickle on Thursday nights, didn't I? This could be interesting. Anyone got any ideas? And if you have any suggestions for Monday night, I'd love to hear them. Or maybe I'll save that for a movie night. Hmmm....I'm pathetic.


20 days till Hawaii!!! YAY!!!


sara m. said...

well first of all you're missing the amazing race at 8 on Sunday nights on CBS. gotta watch that! and as far as monday night i have no clue based on the shows since they're almost all new and i don't know what they're about but i think you've left out the new CW channel in your lineup so in order to be fair i think you should watch 'runaway' at 9 on Mondays on CW. Plus it's starring Donnie Wahlberg and you just can't go wrong when it comes to ex-New Kids. that's my two cents

Aimee B. said...

We love CSI too. Instead of other shows though we get the MVP (movie value pass or something) at Hollywood Video and watch several new movies a week. We really like that CSI is on cable more than once a week.

AJ said...

You are just too cute miss Tabs. You made me smile and that is great! Talk with you later and have fun camping this weekend.

Holli said...

Ahh, but have you not heard that CBS will be airing all of their prime time shows online the day after they air on tv. This begins in September with the fall line-up on Now you will be able to watch your CBS shows anytime you want over and over.

Tabs said...

Sara - good idea on the runway show, I've watched it before but I think I could get into (I know myself when it comes to reality tv). And so true friend, who can pass up watch an ex-New Kid try and recapture their popularity through critiquing (sp?) other peoples fashion design.

Aimee B - I have started doing the Blockbuster online deal that they have (it's just like netflix but better cause you can go in and rent a movie from the store for free once a week, pretty cool). That way I can just miss this whole year of a show and then catch up next summer. :)

AJ - awe thanks, your sweet too! Now don't watch too much tv cause you got homework to do girl! ;)

Holli - Thanks for the tip. That will be of serious help when it comes to my thursday night line-up.

faith said...

I have a great suggestion for you on Mondays...Prison Break. It's soooo good, I got hooked on it part way through last season. Definitely a good one. If you like suspense drama type shows. Oh and you must have not put my info down right because when you click on my name in your link list, it doesn't take you to my blog...oops. Thanks for "copying" me..I'm honored!