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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Their finally here!

Well, I finally found my camera (my dads camera, mine is trash or at least should be in the trash). Here are the long awaited pictures from my California trip. I won't put all of them cause that would take way too long. Have fun checkin' em out (they look really dark on the computer I'm on but I'm hoping thats only my computer and not yours)!


lindsy said...

You did the Hood to Coast Relay? How did you do. Tabs great job! That's a difficult I've read. I didn't realize you did it last year.

AJ said...

Yeh for pictures! So, I am guessing that you have a blast in Cali?

Nate said...

I love this church. :)

faith said...

Hey! How do you get the running clock on your page??