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Monday, August 28, 2006

A little teaser

Hey everyone! I made it out alive, a little sore today but alive and extremely well. I won't tell you too much about Hood 2 Coast today, I want to wait till I get my pictures (which should be tomorrow). I just wanted to tell you all that it was a blast, everyone in both vans were super fun and everyone did a great job on their legs (especially those that ran 4 legs).

Here are my stats:
Leg #1: 5.65 miles / 41 minutes roughly/ 7 min. 19 sec. miles
Leg #2: 4.2 miles / 32 minutes roughly/ 7 min. 38 sec. miles
Leg #3: 6.0 miles / 47.30 minutes / 7 min. 54 sec. miles

Not too shabby since my goal was to keep all my legs in the 7 minute arena.

Well, I'm out. I'll hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow and give you some more details.

Love ya! Bye!

10 days till Hawaii!!! YAY!!!

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