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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well, it's not really an update. There isn't much to update you all about, I lead a pretty boring life. But here are some pictures for you all to look at and enjoy. Some are from Hawaii, some are from Beks birthday the other day and a few are from last nights leafy outing to McMennamins. There are a lot of pictures but I haven't blogged in awhile, sorry (this isn't just for you Melissa, but here ya go anyway) :)

My sis and I on our one and only hike in Kauai

Beks and Jamie at the Sauce Box for Beks birthday.

Kristin and I, the two happy coworkers.

Jamies oh so tasty fries...look at that presentation.

Beks and I out with the leafies at McMennamins last night.

Kristin not too happy about me trying to get her picture. Watch out, she can get a little fiesty. (Love ya girl!)

I have more pictures to put up but it won't let me add any more so thats all you get for now. :)

Have a great day everyone!



k. said...

it's true. i was feisty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tabs. :-)

sara m. said...

i miss you all!! i love feisty kristin

Tabs said...

Who doesn't! :)