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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My apartment

I thought that I would share a few pics of my apartment since a lot of you haven't or can't come and see it. It's small but cozy...and I LOVE it! :) And now that you've seen pictures you'll just have to come over and see the real deal(those of you in other states are just going to have to fly yourselves on over).


faith said...

Hi Tabitha! Very cute place. I like all the red (my fave color)and I like the art piece above your bed! I just have ONE question..what were you doing awake at 4:15am. That is just wrong!

faith said...

okay now i see that the clock on your camera must be off cause the pics of you guys last night say 6something am. got it! but you do get up insanly early don't you?

Rakel said... place

Liz said...

Very good point tabs-- I was actually planning on posting today.... I really like how you've fixed the place up, it's really cute!

Krista said...

Cute place! Is this the same apt that I saw the last time I was home?