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Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun with friends and kiddo's

I had a few friends over on Tuesday night for dinner and some much needed catch up: Roxanna came and brought along Sophia (who just loved redecorating my apartment for me and watching the tv), Naomi was there and it was so very good to see her (Naomi, seriously, we need to hang out), and Rachel showed up with both little boys in tow. It was an absolute blast and I think my apartment survived. Here are some pictures for you to check out. :)

Sam and Sophia (Sophia is holding Sams "work" badge, as he called it). And look at those glasses, he's such a little man.
Me, Rox and Sophia
Naomi, Sophia and momma Rox
friends enjoying dinner and company
look at the tummy!
Sam chillin in my room watchin a movie
Come on, give us a smile
friends and babies! Oh, and there is little Grant. Somehow he missed most of the picture taking. We'll need to remedy that soon.

Tabs :)

1 comment:

Krista said...

Thanks for posting those pictures. Tell everyone hello for me. I just got my ticket to Portland and will be in town from Christmas to New Years. Maybe we can get everyone together at some point??