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Friday, October 27, 2006

Reruns suck!

Every show that I wanted to watch last night was a rerun. What the heck? Shows just started in September, they can't be doing reruns already, or at least they shouldn't be. It should be a rule. They have to wait to do reruns till mid to late November....OR NEVER!! Well, okay, maybe not never. If they never showed reruns then I never would have gotten caught up on Grey's Anatomy over the summer.

All that to say, reruns should not be showed mid-October, they should be saved for the summer...not 3 weeks after they have showed and are still fresh in our minds.

Thoughts anyone?


bekah said...

Re-runs are fine, unless I have a standing date to watch the Office and Gray's with my friend Tabitha... then, they suck!

Alison said...

I'm with you on that one...Brandon was so bummed last week when he went upstairs to watch NCIS, only to return downstairs after realizing it was a rerun. But, he watched Gilmore Girls with me. And he liked it.

Anonymous said...

yeah... I console myself in that it won't cost me 1.99 to download a new episode... Ah... the days when I did not have to produce a credit card number to watch my favorite tv show. :-)