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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My wonderful, healthy city!!

A survey done by Self Magazine (I know, very technical) to find the 100 most healthy places in the US for women to live.

Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA
Population: 2,053,800
Ranking: 32 out of 100
The goods:
+Above-average exercise rates
+ Scored in the top 10 for healthy eating habits
+Among the five lowest allergy rates on the list

The not so goods:
– Above-average suicide rate
– 77 fewer days of sunshine than average
– 46 percent fewer hospital beds per capita than average

This just proves my point, that Portland is one of the best places to live, for any and everyone. And not that you need anymore reasons besides the one above (and the fact that I live here) but here are some pictures to show those of you that don't live here just how beautiful a place Oregon is:

The number 1 place for women to live, you ask? Good question, but I don't know. I didn't have time check out all the cities so I'll let you check it out and get back to me. :)


lindsy said...

I'm thinking about coming to Portland in January. This post made me want to come. My friend Racheal wants to visit.

Jeremy B. said...

Hey Tabs!

The #1 City is Honolulu, Hawaii!

I always like a good challenge...I wonder where the #1 place for men to live is?

Check out my blog...yep I started doing it!

MartinsRus said...

Gorgeous photos. Glad to know I am in a healthy place! Much different than Texas I'm sure!