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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pictures of snow in Boring

These are from my camera so I'm sorry for their quality. :)But HOW FUN that is snowed...didn't stick, but it did snow. Loved it!!

There is Bob hiding from Lenny and Ryan's snowballs.
my footprints in the snow the flakes comin' down, huge and fluffy
more snow (and it's sticking...but only for about 30 minutes, it's pretty much gone now)
And me, in the snow. Look at that, it's just white behind the trees, craziness! :)

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Nate said...

I was in the office talking to Linda and Donna when we heard a loud thud against the doors. We all jumped out of our skins and looked only to discover the remains of a snowball running down the glass and a very pleased looking Barb walking on around the building with more snowballs in hand. I hear she got Jenn pretty good.