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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

What is up?

Okay fellow Oregonians, what is up with the weather these days? It is fall and November for crying out loud. Why am I sleeping at night with my window open and no covers and still sweating? I don't even have to wear a coat outside (except for I do cause it's raining). I understand and really don't mind the rain (love it in fact, even when I am getting drenched as I run from Newport Bay restaurant to my car 10 feet away), but what I'm upset about and don't understand is the fact that it is so freakishly warm right now. I mean, it's snowing up on the mountain and it's in the mid to late 60's down here. WHAT IS UP?! I want to be able to curl up and be cozy with a hot cup of soup/hot cocoa/whatever...not sitting around in my shorts and tank top faning myself. That is summer weather, and we are now in full on Fall, or should be!

I do think it's supposed to change and get colder again this week so things should be back to their normal, fall coldness which makes me happy.

I know, you all probably think I'm a total nut but thats okay. I am and I like it! :)

Love ya!


Denver said...

You Oregonians and your love for the cold and rain! Somethings I'll never understand. Give me sunshine all year round! Hope you get your cold weather soon!

Krista said...

It's almost as if you're living in Oklahoma again with all the strange weather. haha. I hope it cools down. Pray that I don't get stuck in bad weather on my way up there for Christmas.

Carrie-Margaret said...

i love you total nut T! ;)
God bless ya T! miss ya tons!!

Jen said...

For reals, it was SO hot... I was dying. Seth and I were sweating to death in French class, because it was about a million degrees. You know me and my layers, if class hadn't ended soon, well, it would have ended scandalously... I only had so many layers I could lose!!! Kisses

Janie said...

Tabs you are incredible! And funny. Love your blog and sure glad you are around!
Janie at