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Friday, November 10, 2006

An outing with Ruthie

Ruthie and I headin' out to pick up lunch for the ladies in the office...
Here I am enjoying the coffee that Ruthie so graciously bought for me. She's such a sweetie!
And who says Elvis is dead!

And here are a few pictures of everyone enjoying their tasty meals...

Now, everyone else seemed to be okay with this but I found it to be rather disturbing until someone explained the reasoning behind it. I couldn't understand why they would hide the butter in the middle of the roll and just let you take a bit of roll, butter and butter wrapper (gross!). But then I was told that they do this cause since the roll is warm it will warm the butter and make it much easier to spread. Makes sense but still a little sneaky if you ask me.

And like I said, if your ever in Sandy, check out the Paris Cafe. It has a ton of tasty options for lunch. I honestly believe just about anyone could eat here, from the southern comfort food lover to the health concious vegan. And the prices are good too. They serve good coffee and tea and also have several dessert options that may not be up to Pix Patisserie's standard but are still very delicious looking. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the wonderful atmosphere. They have regular tables, tall tables, comfy chairs and a fire place to snuggle up next to on days when it's cold out (like right now). Now, if your in the area, get over there and enjoy.

Tabs :)
37 more days till my cruise!


Jenn said...

you sure do have some pretty great co-workers!

Krista said...

Tabs, I love your new layout. It looks good! Looks like you are having fun as always. I hope you're counting down the days until I get home. I know I am!

lindsy said...

I like the new layout.
Cute pictures. Do you always get that excited about coffee????

Tabs said...

Krista and Lindsy - Thanks girls! My blog was needing some help and an update.

Krista - you know it! I can't wait to hang out with you!

Lindsy - Girl, I get that excited about anything!

Ames said...

What wonderful pictures...Hope you are doing fine.. Take care and God bless.

oregonfatts said...

you gotta love that Ruthie, she's one of my favorite peeps. in fact she could be my favorite, and it's good to see shots of the ladies eating... like the red heads and jen, quality people scarfin' down the good stuff. Keep up the good posts