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Monday, December 4, 2006


HONESTLY, if you go the Vitalicious website and order anything from them you will thank me later. They are so good and still good for you! How could you ask for anything better than that!I get the chocolate vitatops (why get anything else, hello...chocolate) and then put peanut butter on top and eat it for breakfast, it's like eating dessert for breakfast...SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! And I am so fired up about them at this very moment because apparently they are about to come out with a new one, the chocolate and peanut butter vitatop. I think I'm in heaven!

So, check out the website and place an order, trust me on this. I'M SERIOUS PEOPLE!! Their products are made with quality ingredients and taste like it. Some people are turned off because they think they will taste all healthy and gross but they do not! I CANNOT stress this enough. These are so good, even just by themselves. And they have a lot of different flavors such as blueberry, apple, cranberry, they have cakes, muffin mixes, brownies, all sorts of yummy stuff for everyone's preferences. They even have recipes, they are just getting better and better, I love it!!

AND, you can actually get them at some Safeways in their refridgerated health section. So, now you don't have an excuse not to try them.

After you taste them please let me know, and if you have ever tried these please, PLEASE leave a comment telling us all what you thought of them (about how good they are!). The more people try them and love them the more likely they are to sell them in the stores.

You will be in love, trust me! :)


Sorry if this is a bit disjointed but I was just so excited and had to post immediately. :)


Holli said...

Tabs is right. These are amazing. I am a chocolate fiend and so anything that is made with chocolate must taste good. I have to admit that what is good for me is a secondary thought when it comes to chocolate. But here you get the best of both worlds. The Vitatops are great right out of the freezer, kind of like a cool soft cookie and then the chips melt in your mouth. I cannot wait for my chocolate/peanut butter ones to come!

k. said...

okay, tabs ... when are you going to suck it up, go back to school, and become a nutritionist? I have never seen anyone get so excited about food and helping people eat healthy :) you're adorable.

Anonymous said...

Well done Tabitha!! I really like the advertising of the food and the advent calenders.

Amy Nickerson said...

Hey Tabs...glad you liked Scoop as much as me!!! I really am telling everyone about that movie. It might be a new favorite for me! Anyway, hope you're doing well!!!

MartinsRus said...

Tabs you really should work for the company. You just about have everyone sold on them!

Bekah said...

TABS!!! You need to get your butt back here! First, you're making me jealous that you're in the sun getting a tan in December. And second, you're missing fun pre-Christmas activities! But I guess post-Christmas activities will be fun too.