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Thursday, January 4, 2007

word and picture of the day

Word of the Day:Jovial
Definition: (Adjective) Merry.
Synonym: Fun-loving
Usage: Santa Clause is a jovial old gentleman.

Do you think I'm jovial?

By the way, this was a waiter we had the last night we were on the ship who made me my own special drink since I couldn't decide what I wanted (surprise). :)


sara m. said...

whoa tabs! nice new template. I love it. HAPPY NEW YEAR! i miss you girl. oh, and yes, you are totally jovial :) love ya!

Bekah said...

he looks like he wants to be more than your waiter...

k. said...

you're definitely fun loving, but jovial always makes me think of someone rotund, which you most certainly are not! how about "life of the party"?

Krista said... couldn't decide what you wanted to drink? Oh, that brings back memories of when we went to Vegas and got our first drink at one of the casinos. You couldn't decide what you wanted then either. Poor bartender...