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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tabs Christmas Day fun

the pretty tree and all the left over wrapping paper

a great blanket that keeps me nice and toasty warm (I don't even care that I look like a porpoise, which was what my lovely fam called me the rest of the day)
my dad and I testing out my camera and the cool tripod he got me

Sam and Karl
brother Guy

Mom trying not to close her eyes and smile at the same time...not too shabby.

doesn't that look fun? Thats my sister's basement (and Karls art studio) all decorated for Christmas. And you can see all the people that were over for dinner. It was great fun having more people at our usually small family dinner.

Karl painted that great picture of Mt. Hood.

And there are all the people eating (and notice Karl drawing attention to his picture. Sheesh, no shame, huh). :)

Well, thats my wonderful Christmas day. Thanks for checkin' it out.

Have a fabulously fun and safe New Years!


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Carrie-Margaret said...

merry Christmas T! i miss you a lot!! looks like your doing well. hope you have a blast in 2007!! we still need to get together some time. much love to you always T!