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Thursday, March 8, 2007


This was a birthday card I got last year from Ruthie. Very appropriate for this post.

Tuesday's are Staff Lunch around these workin' parts. Its a fun time for all us staff members to take time out of busy week and just be together. We recap the weekend and talk about what is coming up in the near future, pray for each other, hear how visiting missionaries are doing, and just have an all around refreshing, good time.

This last Tuesday, we were talking about various things and Stu made a rather random and funny comment. He asked Steve O. (who sort of emcee's our little lunches) if he could nominate the best hair for Monday. We do not do this on any sort of regular basis if that is what you are beginning to wonder. After Steve O. said sure why not, the next word Stu said was "pigtails." I don't know if everyone else knew quite as fast as I did, but he was definitely referring to my complete laziness on Monday morning when I decided I didn't feel like drying and flattening my hair and just threw up two very spunky pigtails.

That's how I roll, folks. Can't help it when I have short hair, not too many options. There's just not much else you can do when you feel like being lazy and don't even want to spend the few minutes drying it. Once you commit to drying it then you have style it and if you already don't have enough ambition to even dry it how the heck are you going to make yourself stand there for the ever so long 5 minutes it takes to straighten? Suffice it to say, it made for a nice ending to our staff lunch and a nice boost to my pigtail wearing confidence. Thanks Stu! :)

Well, I wore them again today, a bit more conservatively (Oh yes, pigtails are a very versital hair option if you didn't know), and have been getting all sorts of comments. Stu happened to come by my office for something and when he walked in said "Hey pigs." I know I have said it before, but I will most satisfacorily say it again, I LOVE WORKING HERE!!

the more fun and spunky "pigs": high and closer to the face. Not quite the same as they were on Monday, but you get the idea.
The back...nice and straight. :)
The conservative "pigs": lower and further back, more behind the ears.


Ruthie said...

wa ha ha ha
you are so cute!
so can we call you pigs instead of Tabs?

Anonymous said...

Woman, I love ya! Your spark for life is awesome. Your infectious personality just makes me feel that I can do anything. If you get all spunkly and chipper about pig tails because you were too lazy to do anything else with your hair that morning, then no problem is too daunting. Keep shinig that light.

Love ya,