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Friday, March 30, 2007

PLEASE check this story out

Click here to see an extemely heart warming video (click on the picture to see the actual video, and be sure to have a tissue handy). I saw this on the news this morning and got all veclemnt while on the stair master, how embarrassing.

Words of the day:

word: ersatz \AIR-sahts\ adjective
definition: being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation
example: After ordering her coffee, Tabs saw that there was no sugar available at the counter, so she had to settle for an ersatz alternative.

word: undulant \UN-juh-lunt; UN-dyuh-\, adjective:
definition: Resembling waves in form, motion, or occurrence.
example: Scotland's undulant landscape is serene in pretty much every direction you look...which is why I love it so.
Today is not national anything but don't forget that March is National Frozen Food Month so get to nukin' your fave boxed meal and celebrate the last few days of this great month!

OH! I did just find out that Saturday, March 31st, is Lemons and Oranges Day. Hope you fill your weekend with lots of citrusy goodness (and get lots of vitamin C in the process!)!!


OK Chick said...

I got a new blog.

faith said...

great video. made me cry. i may have to put that on my blog!

Melissa said...

Hey tabs... thanks for making me cry at this video a third time... I watched it on the news in the morning and that night and then here and each time... yeah tears... I tend to be pretty sentimental about military. But really, thanks for putting in up.