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Monday, April 23, 2007


Last Tuesday, I went to my first JH Gravity ever and had such a blast. I had told Kevin the week before that I had never attended a Gravity since I had been hired (how that happened, I do not know, and am now kicking myself for) and that I would have to remedy that very soon. Kevin, being the super cool guy that he is, left a invitation on my desk cordially inviting me to attend and be the special guest judge for the game he had planned for the night. Sounds rather run of the mill, right? Wrong, nothing is run of the mill when it comes to Kevin or Gravity.
As the special guest judge I stood on a really high tower thing and got to hand out candy during the game. Hide was the first game they played. The kids were split into 6 groups and then they had to lay down really flat while the leaders covered every stinkin last inch of them with newspaper. By the end it seriously looked like 6 piles of paper, no kids could be seen and no one was moving. It was cool. Then they played a game where Kevin would call out something, like "find a guy fishing", and the kids would have to search through the newspapers to find it then bring it to me to get some candy. It was crazy, but it gets even better. This was followed by girls being sent to one side of the room and the boys to the other. Then they had to try and push the paper to the other side of the room to see who would win, boys or girls. Honestly I think the boys won both times, but they might have cheated a bit. TALK ABOUT CRAZINESS!! check out some pictures that will show you just what went on that fateful, crazy Tuesday night.

Kevin ended that segment of the night with an update of what Seth and Trina are up to in Africa, which the kids just love. They won't ever let you truly leave Trina! They love you too much! :)

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Melissa said...

I love the photo of you on the high platform... you should be a rock star!