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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pedi's with Beks

First I want to say that today, April 24th, is National Pigs in a Blanket Day. Oh, they are quite tasty looking aren't they? And, of course, I must offer you a website with a recipe to check out if you feel up to trying these out (not that they are hard to figure out).

Okay, on to the main point of this post. Bekah and I went downtown on Friday night and experienced something so wonderful in the world of women: a pedicure. Bekah had somehow gone this far in her life never having gotten one, something I couldn't believe. I told her we had to remedy that and what better way than during Talula's "get a pedicure and your friend can get one for free" April promo. Pretty darn good deal if I do say so myself. The ladies were both very friendly and the place was extremely sanitary, very important and something you don't want to compromise on. Check out the pics below.
Here is Bekah picking out her color, which was 'mauve-elous memories (mine was 'quauter of a cent-cherry').

Look how cute the place is! It's so girlie and boutique-ish. You have to check out Talula's if you are ever on 23rd st, it's a fun place to look at shoes AND get a pedicure or manicure. :)

They even gave us champaine, how cool is that? I don't even usually like the stuff, but this wasn't bad.

Here I am, at the end of the experience, so happy and relaxed I'm giving it not only a thumbs up but the Elvis lip. :)

Yes, we definitely walked a couple blocks with these oh so attractive little toe separaters on our feet. Hello, we did not want to ruin the beautiful job the ladies did. We also think we might just start a new trend, what do ya think?

AND, here are we are admiring our toes sans shoes and seperators. Don't they look pretty?!


Linda and Donna said...

WOW! Your toesies look beautiful! And what a very fun thing to do together. Which reminds me, I need to do that with Donna. Especially the champagne!
You girls are so sheek and sophisticated! I love it!
Thanks for sharing your very special, fun day.
Love you both,

MartinsRus said...

If ;0)ls is supposed to mean something then maybe this does too- $:^) Hope you enjoy the toesies!

Linda and Donna said...

Tabitha, I loved your toes adventure! But, your pigs in a blanket wasn't exactly correct. The picture is of weiner wraps! Pigs in a blanket are breakfast pork sausages wrapped in pancakes. Trust me, a girl of the seventies knows these things. Especially when we use to go to Elmer's pancake house ALL THE TIME! Love ya, by by

Tabs said...

Well, I sure am embarrassed now. :)