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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Playing catch up

Lets see, last Monday night was the first Heroes in awhile and let me tell you that show ROCKS!!! If you haven't been watching it then you need to get ready to rent it when it comes out on DVD and get caught up so you can watch it next season. IT IS AN AWESOME SHOW! It so beats out Lost and 24 and I stand by those words! Anyone else agree?

Last Wednesday was National Administrative Professionals Day. Ryan, Lenny, and Zach took Bev, Cherianne and myself out to lunch. How very kind of them! When we got back someone had left balloons and chocolate on all the secretaries desks (it was Adrienne Burrell, how sweet is she?!).

Thusday I got a big stupid headache and was out of commision for the night (couldn't even have Beks over to watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy).

Friday, April 27th, was National Prime Rib Day. Not gonna say much about this.

Friday night I went to a Mary Kay party at my friend Stephanie's house. It was a super fun time, I love talking makeup and face stuff. :)

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day so Beks and I went to the park and laid in the sun for awhile. Then we took coffee over to Kristin who was in the process of moving (we thought she needed a little break and figured a latte and ourselves were the perfect distraction).

Monday, April 30th, was National Oatmeal Cookie Day. Here is a divine sounding recipe from Cooking Light (Oatmeal, white chocolate, and strawberry cookie). The nice thing about oatmeal cookie recipe's is you can put in whatever extra things you find to be tasty and it will work. I love walnuts and a little rum extract. Oh, tasty!!

Tuesday was the first of May! Yay for May!! May is National Salsa month and National Egg month. Good thing those two can work well together or that could have been weird.
Please celebrate this month by making a super, SUPER yummy, quick and easy salsa recipe that I know you and everyone you serve it to will love (promise, just as the redheads). And here is how I love to eat my eggs...just so you know.


Bekah said...

great balance of food and friends, tabs... you didn't share our adventure calling 911! :)

Tabs said...

I didn't, but you didn't either. :) I'm not a great story teller like you.