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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The first installment (of many)

Tams, Tabs, Mar...the cruisin' buddies.

Well, I finally got the long awaited CD of pictures of the cruise I took in December from Marilee (the first time she sent it to me, she left the CD out of the CD case...hehehe). Anyway, there are, like, 1000+ pictures so I'll only choose a few of my favorites (which is SO HARD!) and even then I'll have to show them in little increments. Here ya go...

A beautiful sunset, as usual... This is in Cozumel, Mexico, where we went snorkeling.
This is our ship (miss you!)
Fish faces, aren't we cute?
Tams, myself, and Mar making angry faces because we had to wait FOREVER to get to the ship the day we left port and we were STARVING!!

That's me in the brown shirt scurry up the wall (I didn't really scurry cause I was a little scared, I know, your all shocked).
Here is the crew of "kids" that were in our party. We just enjoyed the best key lime pie I have ever eaten (I haven't eatin many so that isn't hard).
This turtle was not very nice because, as you can see, it splashed me. Bad turtle.

1 comment:

tams said...

Tabs. Seriously. Crop me out of that horrible fish face picture. STAT!

I miss the cruise. And you.