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Monday, August 27, 2007

And Killer Snails do it again...

I'm glad it's over, but it was fun and I can't wait to do it again next year! My van was great, got to meet a few new people and get reacquainted with a few old friends.

Here is the where the teams start up at Timberline. That is not a leg I look forward to running some day.

Here are my mom and I, lookin' all ready to go: her in her Race Official shirt and I in my running clothes. Every team has to supply the race with 3 volunteers and so my mom got to participate in her own way this year. She said she had a blast. And it was great cause she was stationed at the exchange point that I ran into at the end of my leg (#5) so she had to direct me where to go. The funniest thing about her and the race official shirt was that she decided to wear it again on Saturday when she and my dad came to Seaside and lots of different people kept coming up to her and asking for help because they thought she was a volunteer. And my mom, the go with the flow helpful lady she is acted like she knew what was going on and helped them the best way she could. She's too cute.

Sorry it is such a far away picture but this is Holly, she ran our van's third legs. She was a newbie to the whole world of Hood to Coast and really did an amazing job!

Here is Barb, our van's 4th leg runner. She also did amazingly well. That's her husband, Dan (the Hulk), giving her water. He is one fast dude.

And here is Tony (the tiger). He is a quiet fellow, but very nice and a great runner. FYI: he is not good to have sit in the front seat while your running because he doesn't like to yell out the window. Here I am running up the hill (aka. mountain) that was my last leg (#29).

This year, Nike gave every team two ROAD KILL signs to put on the side of their vans. Very nice of them, I think...and smart. Here is ours at the end of our trip:Our total:
And here are me and my gals waiting for the rest of our team at the wet beach: Holly on the left and Barb on the right. Yeah, I know, I should have worn a jacket.

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