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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One more thing about Tabs

I'm all about the Fall weather. I do like Summer and Spring but Fall is where my heart is, weather wise. Yesterday solidified that fact for me when I was so excited that it was rainy and overcast all day (probably the one too). It smelled absolutely fabulously, I wish I could bottle it up and put it in my blog so you all can enjoy it too. It is so wonderful when Fall is here. There is such a crispness in the air, the leaves start turning beautiful shades of orange and yellow, and again, it smells wonderful...oh I can't wait, I'm getting so excited!

Also, I think I use exclamation points too much. What do you think?


Bekah said...

i'm with you tabs... i woke up to hear rain falling and that has to be the best sound to wake up to.. and you're so right! the smell of fall is incredible.. i love it too.

we should be friends we're so alike :)

Jeremy said...

Fall is one of my top four seasons! They are all tied! Lisa tells me that I use exclamation points way to much as well! I just like using them! Periods are so boring! Oh by the way I posted a picture for you of Lisa's Belly!!!!

OK Chick said...

Good luck on your race! Matt T and I were going to run, but we're not. Well I'm not. I'm here in OK but Mr. T is in PDX, maybe he's running. But GOOD LUCK! Run hard.