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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Shed

The Student Ministries shed, where we keep EVERY LAST THING that Student Ministries has used over the past...too many years. It is a crap hole, sorry, but it's true. I, among many others, have almost lost my life trying to manuever my way around in there. Just to let you know how crazy it was, I found an half empty container of peanut butter from '04. That was when I decided something had to be done. Troy was great and called a few high school boys to take everything out, toss the obvious junk and then sweep the place clean on Tuesday. Yesterday, wednesday, I literally went through every last stinkin box in that room, tossing out more junk that was just not needed anymore and then organizing it all. It took all day, I filled a dumpster to it's breaking point, but by the end the room looked great. It's fun to purge and organize once in awhile. Check out the pictures. I didn't get any before pictures which I'm mad at myself about now but at least you can see how empty and clean the place is now.


Ruthie said...

I love what you have done with the place!!! You are my kind of girl. The scarey part is that that peanut butter may have just come back from this years OOTs. eeewwww

Holli said...

Way to go Tabs!! It looks gorgeous. I have heard you speak of how disgusting it was before, so I know this is an amazing feat. Pats on the back to all who lended a hand and a few extra for you!

Alison said...

You are a brave woman! Way to go.