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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My new favorite cup

Rachel and I went shopping a while ago and found this set of cups that don't have handles and come with a square coaster and stir stick. They were just so darn cute that we had to buy them right there (LOVE IKEA!). Now we have matching cups and every time I use mine, which is every day cause I have it at work, I think of her...aahhh. :) We are such nerds, but I love it!

I should mention that our trip to Ikea followed Sam's birthday party (he turned 4, oh my goodness). A good time was had by all...well, except maybe Sam who kept wanting to know where the toy was every time he opened a present that was a book or if he just wasn't happy with that particular "toy." Ah, to be 4 again. Lisa and Erik were there too, along with their little ones, David and Kira. p> Grant and Grant (Rach's little boy)

The "cake" - cute little cupcakes decorated like bowling balls with pink candles per the request of the birthday boy.

Sam getting ready to blow out his pink candles. Sheesh, that looks like a huge flame.David thoroughly enjoying his bowling ball cupcake...well, at least the frosting part.

My mom holding little Kira (so cute). Now mom, don't get too attached, I think Mary and Tom will notice if they are missing a grandchild.

Oh, look at little Sam and David playing. Can I just say again how weirdly fun and cool it is when your friends have kids and you get to watch them grow up and look and act like their parents? CRAZINESS! But I love it!

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Krista said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big those boys have gotten. Good grief...I'm missing out on all the cute little kids living half way across the country.