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Friday, October 12, 2007

No more matching cup

Well, the day after I blogged about my great new cup that is matchers with Rachels got broken. I got a new desk and Dave came by to set up my computer for me and in all the moving around and things being a bit skewing around in the office he knocked it off of the fridge and it cracked nice and big down the side to hold coffee no more. It was sad. But hey, it happens, good thing it was only from Ikea and I can just go back and get another set. But then what I am going to do with the extra one? Hmmm...anyone want to be matchers with Rachel and I?


MartinsRus said...

maybe God is trying to teach you something.

Anonymous said...

I'll be matchymatchy with you!!! :D it'll be sacrifice but thats just the kind of friend I am ... sigh... always thinking of you...