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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Sunday stroll

Sunday morning I drove down to Salem and ran Dream of Roses, a 10k race just for women. There were probably just over 100 involved, from the race coordinators to the little kids who participated in the 2 mile walk. It was a beautiful, albeit cold, autumn morning, just great for a race. I like 10K's and was really happy I was running that instead of a half marathon when I rounded mile marker 5 and realized I only had 1.4 miles left instead of the usual 8.1. Check out my goofy pictures. :)

Here I am before the race...number-check, iPod-check, hat-check. I am ready to race.
Here I am after the race (looking like a freak show I might add). Sweat-check, goofy "I'm finished" grin-check, rose-check (They handed out roses as we crossed the finished line, how fun is that?)
The finish line, a wondrous sight for a runner.
My "awards": I got 4Th in the race and 1st in my age division (25-29).

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Melissa said...

You go girl! Way to go Tabs!!!! wahooooo!!!!! :-) I like you.