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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Alumni who?

So I just got the little alum magazine from my university last night. I took a moment to look through it and found the Milestone's section to be the most interesting and saddest part. Interesting because it lists people having baby's, getting married, moving up in their company's (even starting new company's) and all the super fun stuff. It even had pictures and it was fun to see and read about people I know. It was kind of sad though (in a selfish way, of course) because it made me realize I was not getting married, not having babies, not moving up in any company, not really doing much of anything. But then again not sad cause I'm pretty content with where I am at these days. Life is good. God is good. There are things I wouldn't mind seeing change, but there always are. All in all, it was fun to "catch up" with people that I otherwise wouldn't know anything about. Someday I'll have my own little blurb in there, don't you worry. :)

Yesterday when I came into work I was shushed by a couple of 1st graders on their way to music class. Cutest thing. I love working in the school building (but I love that I am not a part of the school).

I have to give a little shout out to my friend Beks who was showed what it is to be a true friend when she swept all the cobwebs away from my door the other night. She also swept up the hugest, nastiest dead spider that I had killed a few nights before that. I'll give you the overall recap on that scary incident: 4:30 am Wednesday morning, there was a battle on my door step between me and a freakin' huge spider who had made a web across my staircase. Some instruments that were involved in this battle were my broom (who's new home is on the front step by the welcome mat), a bottle of wasp spray and my welcome mat (envision me throwing tossing the welcome mat on the wasp spray-covered spider and jumping up and down while whimpering like the little girl that I am). I'm sure it was quite the sight. ANYWAY, all that to say a HUGE THANK YOU! to Bekah, you are fabulous, thanks for being a better friend than me.

Today, October 30th, is National Candy Corn day...I love this day! Candy Corn is not the best candy around but it sure is tasty.

And lastly I just want to add that I LOVE the song Grace Kelly by MIKA. If you haven't heard it, go visit iTunes and buy it, you will just love it!! It's a super fun and catchy tune. :)

Have a great day everyone!! Love you all!

One last parting comment and then I really will be done.
I got a card in the mail from a friend recently that had Winnie the Pooh and Piglet walking hand in hand on the front and said "Friendship,' said Pooh, 'is a very comforting thing." Seriously, nobody can say it better than Pooh.


Krista said...

Tabs ~ I think you are mistaken. Candy corn IS, in fact, the best candy around! How exciting that there is a national day for it.

Also, I have no doubt that you will appear in the alumni magazine one of these days. I believe in you!!

OK Chick said...

I love this post! It made me laugh.

Mare said...

I agree with you that no one can say that about friendship better than Winnie the Pooh. Thanks for putting that in your post. Oh, and have a happy November!