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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love singing. I just think it is such fun and it brings me much joy to do it. :) I love to sing words while I'm in conversation, I love to sing in my car, I love to sing in the shower and I love, love, love to sing at church. This weekend I was able to enjoy that last one 3 times. Our little Mega Praise team (or MPT, as we have dubbed it) got to sing this weekend during the services. I love being a part of this team because we don't really do any special songs (so there isn't much memorizing and practicing), just sing mainly worship songs along with the congregation. At first I wasn't that excited to do it. It is a bit of a time commitment in one weekend, seeing as you have to be at all three services. But once I was there and practicing and singing the great songs they chose and just hanging with the other MPTer's the time flew by and was gone before I knew it...which made me sad. It was so refreshing to my soul to be up there singing, watching others praising the Lord in their way and hearing all the wonderful voices blending together, and just having the words of the songs really speak to my heart or rather the Lord speak to my heart through the words I was singing.

I also love being a part of the MPT because I get to meet knew people (seeing as our church is so huge there is always someone I don't know singing) and connect with others I've met before or have known for awhile. Again, refreshing. That is the best word at the moment for me to use to describe it.

I really should add that this weekend's service was just a good service on all counts. Jonathan spoke on 2 Timothy 1:3-7. As his powerpoint he used artwork by our very own Shelly Gilmore and it was fantastic. It helped bring the Word and what Jonathan was saying to life and stick in my head and on my heart in a way that doesn't happen as often as I would like.


Carrie~Margaret said...

hi sweet-T! thank you for the kind words you gave me.. ;) you are more of the example to me :) i admire you very much T! it was so cool to hear you sing & getting down with your good self with the Lord on Saturday/Sunday. have a great weekend my pig-tail friend. much love always to you!

Jane Jane said...

Blessings to you, Tabs. Keep on praising Him with your song. Your whole life is a song, Tabs.

OK Chick said...

I get to see you this weekend!

Nate and Andrea said...

I love being on worship team! But I can't sing, so the opportunity doesn't come up much. You're right though, the time just seems to go by so fast that it's over before you really want it to be. On the other hand, we could still be doing six services a weekend!

Mare said...

Tabs, I love singing too, just like the reasons you said you like to sing. I love playing my clarinet too when I get the chance to play in the orchestra or small ensemble. Singing to the Lord is quite enriching!