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Monday, January 28, 2008

My amazing dad

I truly have a wonderful dad. He loves me and takes care of me and teaches me things all the time. He shows me what it is to love like Christ in the way he loves my mom, my siblings, myself and those that he sees on a daily basis. He puts up with my crap, my nagging, my wining, my costing him too much, my basic acting crazy moments and many other things. And he yet still comes back and gives me hugs and takes me for tea and lunch and most of all loves me no matter what I do or say. He is a big teddy bear with a great sense of humor (well, at least one that I get) who loves trying new restaurants and getting out of the norm. I'm glad I have the privilege to call you dad, daddy.
Check out some pictures of my dad just being the great guy that he is...
"We make this look good."

Grant and Grant (Rachel's little boy)

Go after that In and Out burger, dad. You can do it!
The fam and Disneyland. I love that place and I love my 'rents!
Nice fanny pack dad. Way to look totally hip. :) I do love the hat thought.
Yum! Sweddish meatballs at Ikea
Decorating Christmas cookies. He takes this very seriously. :)
Watch out for this bowler, he is gonna win no matter the cost.

He is thinking about something important and profound, I can tell.
Our little family, ain't we cute (just wish we weren't blurry)
Oh, look at that cute pair.

Oh, and today is National Bubble Wrap day. Go out and enjoy that.


Lisa Pietzold said...

Great pics, Tabs, and Grant! :-) You went to Disneyland?!!! Fun! We need to get together, it's been too long. I MISS you!


Krista said... sweet. I miss your dad!

sammy said...

I second and fourth that a million times over! You rock Dad, from the other daughter.