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Friday, February 29, 2008

So the Redhead's and I did a mad lib type thing the other day and I thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.

Going to work, I spilled coke (beverage) on my jeans and button down white shirt (favorite outfit). I said, "Oh crap!"(expletive), prayed no one would notice, then stepped into poop (disgusting thing), ruining my boots (best shoes). My cell phone rang; it was Tom (name of vile ex), saying he'd gotten engaged. I stopped for pasta (comfort food) but was in line behind a slimy (negative adjective) guy who was so busy biting his nails (bad habit ending in -ing) that he took longer than a sloth (slow animal) to buy his pastrami (deli item). To top it off, I was 8 (number) hours late getting in and stayed 'til 9 p.m.. to finish filing (boring task). Once I got home, I grabbed my Suzie Bake Oven (childhood toy) and a giant bag of 3 musketeers (candy). Is it tomorrow yet?


Mare said...

That is quite interesting, Tabitha. My sister and I did mad libs to each other when we were kids. Those are so fun!!! Hope you had a lovely Leap Day! Have a great week!


Jane Jane said...

love it. oh, yes!!

Matt & Lori said...

Tabs! Hi. Just thought I would say hello and I love you!!