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Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny word of the day

I just got the word of the day in my mailbox and just loved it enough to share it with you all...since a lot of you can relate to this (although maybe not more than myself).

sitzmark \SITS-mark\ noun

: a depression left in the snow by a skier falling backward

Example sentence:
Proper skiing etiquette dictates that a skier who falls in the middle of a trail should smooth over his or her sitzmark so it won't pose a hazard to other skiers.

Okay, what? I didn't know there was proper ettiquette where marks in the snow were concerned. According to this I have terrible skiing ettiquette. HA!

I feel I should aso inform you that the great month of February...
- Great American Pie Month
- National Cherry Month
- National Blah Buster Month
- National Embroidery Month
- National Grapefruit Month
- National Snack Food Month
- National Weddings Month
- Responsible Pet Owner Month
- Return Carts to the Supermarket Month
- Creative Romance Month
- International Twit Award Month
- Canned Food Month

And, just in case any of you are keeping track, it is less than 10 days till my 28th birthday. :)


Krista said...

28? You're getting old! haha.

Kellie said...

Tabitha, I just have to tell you that I love reading your blog! Your personality shines through your posts and it is fun randomness. Thanks!

Lisa Pietzold said...

Happy 28th birthday, Tabs!

(I think you're quite young! It's all a matter of perspective, eh?)


Rachel said...

Ok, I just admitted to someone else that I'm reading your blog...So, I thought I'd come out of hiding and admit it and stop being a "blog stalker", haha. I'm Rachel Cone (now Salter) and we used to go to WVBC together. Anyway it's been fun reading about your life! You look great! How's Sam and Carl doing (I used to do sleep overs at their house in middle school)? Anyway, it's nice to "see" you again :)