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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A night with Annie and the girls

Annie came to visit all the way from Chicago and we stole her away for a night around Gresham for dinner and a look at every one's new places of residence. Oh it was so fun to hang out, eat great food, laugh like no time had passed, and hear/tell stories about what we've all been up to and learning since we last all got together. We had drinks and chips and salsa at my house, a garden vegetable enchilada dinner at Sara's (which was to die for) and ice cream and raspberries at Kristin's for dessert. Here are few pictures from dinner (since of course I missed dessert, and Bekah, cause I'm the old woman who goes to bed early).

Annie and Kristin

Annie presiding over our very delish dinner created by Sara
Annie and Tabs (old roomies)
Sara checking the wild rice
Awww, Sara and Annie. They go way back.
Sara, Annie and Kristin.
four girls lookin' cute (Sara, Tabs, Annie, Kristin)

(Beks, I missed you but I'm glad you got to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth raspberries)


Matt & Lori said...

Hey Tabs! I miss you!

OK Chick said...

I like the hair. It looks very cute. Is it darker?

Jenn said...

TABS!!! I miss you me sometime lets catch up :)