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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another one under the belt

I did it again folks...I joined about 12,000 other runners and ran from the beautiful Timberline Lodge all the way to the sandy beaches of Seaside. Yep, thats right, Hood To Coast took place this weekend and it was great!! It was a fun, torterous, painful, sleep deprived, cold, sweaty, stinky time that I always look back on with fond memories. During the experience I may not be so fond of it (like while I'm running my third leg thinking "why the HECK do I do this to myself every year??") but afterwards there is such a feeling of accomplishment and excitment (not energy, mind you) and I vow to do it again the next year. Here are a few pictures to show just how fun it was. I didn't take too many so hopefully once I get the rest from the other team members I'll post a few more. :) Oh, and if your curious, I ran leg 2, leg 14, and leg 26 (if you'd like to see the legs, click here).
Van 1...Go Team Go!
Oh behold the power of the pink and black arm band!
Ryan, Teresa, and me. :)
Sam and I at Seaside after our last legs...yeah, she had a chance to shower and has on a super cute running outfit from Columbia Sportswear. So not fair. :)
The fam. My parents love (LOVE) to come out on Saturday to cheer us on. It's great. They are so supportive. I give them a hard time but I do love them and they do love us!


Care said...

WAY TO GO T!!! So proud of you!! That is such an awesome accomplishment!!
im happy you have such awesome support too!! WAY TO GO!
love you always T!

Mexico or Bust said...

Hey Tabs I know it's been a while and so this is me just dropping you a line. So here it is "___________" Hope you enjoy.

Have a great day. Hope you saved all those itinerary's because I'm not going to be writing them up while I'm away.

Scott Ekstrom

Krista said...

Congrats on running the race!!

On a different topic...did you have fun telling Andrew those stories the other night. I was hanging out with Matt and we randomly thought of it. Sorry...we were laughing at you but you have to admit those are pretty funny!