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Monday, September 15, 2008

Interesting world of animals

I must confess something to you, blogger world. I am a people magazine reader. It's true. And I am not (too) ashamed. :) Really, thought, it's a fun magazine to read with not only articles about movies and hollywood peeps, but articles about the average joe who has decided to help his/her community and even reach out to the world. Sometimes I wish I could learn something from these people.

People magazine will also have random articles about random happenings or sightings around "town" which are just fun, cute, heartfelt, whathaveyou. The two that have recently caught my eye were the four eared cat and two legged dog. Check out these pictures and videos.

Yoda the cat:
Faith the dog:

Yeah, I know. I have too much time on my hands and not even good reading material.

1 comment:

Krista said...

I saw that dog down in the Paseo district here in Oklahoma City a few weekends ago. No joke. She was a cool dog!