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Monday, April 20, 2009

My own personal Christmas tree's

The pictures aren't great (taken on my phone) but here is a little pot of Christmas tree's that I have been growing on my desk for a couple weeks now. The first picture is the first little growth, it's kind of hard to see...
in this picture, you can almost see the three little buds...
and there they are, in all their little glory... and now you can start to see (despite the bad picture quality) their little neetlesAnd there they are today! They are just getting so big. I almost feel like a proud mama. :)
It's just so fun to watch!!! And really, the most shocking of this whole experience thus far, the fact that they haven't died already. These are some sturdy tree's, I'm tellin' ya. I usually kill, scratch that...I always kill plants. Never on purpose mind you, I'm just not always good at remembering to water them. But these little guys, they are surviving and soon they will be planted in my parents back yard...that is, if they let me...I haven't actually asked yet. :)

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Anonymous said... cute. I can remember when they were just a little pot in your Christmas basket and you were asking what to do with them. You SHOULD be proud! Way to go chica - Holli