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Monday, April 27, 2009

Linda's Thursday Dinners

So, Linda (from the front desk) has a crew that comes over to her house every Thursday night to have dinner and watch The Office. For the last several months, every week Linda and I have had a grand ol' time coming up with the meal that she will serve to the Thursday night gang. It's been fun because she has been stepping out of the comfortable cooking box (which there is nothing wrong with) that she has been in and has been trying new recipe's, new technique's, and even new tools (such as the "paddle" that she bought to flip her pizza dough, similar to the one pictured below).

She has made some pretty fabulous things including a very some fabulous pulled pork taco's and a very tasty veggie pizza (she was even sweet enough to bring a piece of the pizza to work for me to taste...and it was GOOD!).

So...I decided that since we have so much fun with this little meal planning of ours, we needed to blog about it. I have finally gotten some pictures from her from the most recent Thursday night dinner and hopefully we can keep this trend going and we can share Linda's great culinary skills and the recipe's she makes with you all out there in blogger land. :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)

Here Linda has just pulled out from under the broiler her famous bacon wrapped scallops. Yum!

I tell ya, she pampers these people. Here is her other appetizer plate of crackers and brie with a jalepeno relish on top.And the dinner, foccacia bread, a nice italian dressed salad, garlic orzo, and porketta. The recipe attached is not the one she used but it will work very nicely for you. :) I have never heard of porketta but it sure does look good and she said the gang LOVED it! Oh, and she put her pork shoulder (I think that is what she used?) in the slow cooker all day and said the meat was just pull apart tender.

Okay, this is the first installment. Hopefully next week we'll have another one with this Thursday's dinner for you to try. :)

(oh, I should also mention to you that I just walked Linda through her first order of Vitalicious vitatops. Yep, I have another convert. :) Kristin, that means you're next!) ;)

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Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

So I'm very curious about your Vitatops. I checked out the site... are they really worth $1.33/each? How big are they?