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Monday, May 3, 2010

No more facebook stalking for this one

I did it folks. I have disabled my facebook account. Yep, it's true. I have been thinking about it for a few weeks but just wasn't sure I could pull it off on my own. I mean, that is a big step, ya know? I have a lot of "friends" on facebook, and a lot of people I stalk, er, I mean follow, and I have put a lot of pictures up...but oh my word, is that thing a time sucker like nobody's business! And I was so tired of stopping someone mid-story to say "oh, yep, already read about that" or "Oh, I know all about you. And oh my word, your little girl is so CUTE! Where is she, can I meet her?" I mean, seriously, talk about awkward moment (hello, every moment of my life). Like my friend Holli said, it's face connecting (I may have slightly paraphrased) and I think I'm done. But, I knew I could not let go of facebook on my own. I needed back-up. I needed someone to pry my fingers from the mouse so I wouldn't be able to click from on person's backyard bbq picture to another person's girls night out picture to another person (whom I've never even seen before) photo album of their honeymoon in Greece (oh yeah, that was fun to flip through...gotta go there, and maybe I can ask these people where we should eat at while we are there because it looks like they had...WAIT, stop that, stop right there crazy lady!). I needed help because this was gonna be a tough habit to break. In to my story walks my wonderful husband Scott. As I am ranting to him about how tired I am of facebook being such a stealer of my time and how I wish I could just get out of it completely, he throws out the easiest solution of "well...why don't you just do it then?" Well, but, well, but...yeah, basically that was my response, in a nutshell. For some reason, I was also worried about all my pictures I had downloaded...I meanted that to Scott to. "You have them on your computer, right? Well, yeah, of course I do. Then whats the problem. Other people won't be So, do you feel as ridiculous reading that as I did saying it and realizing exaclty what was holding me back? Yeah, probably not. I apparently was worried about people seeing ME and all the fun things I was doing, people facebook stalking me. What the crap is that Tabitha? I think I was/am looking for people to approve of me and what I am doing and, I don't know, like me or something. It's interesting, I wasn't thinking of some of this stuff til just now as I type and process. And I kinda can't believe I just put all this on here but I feel I should be honest, even brutally if the case calls for it, with myself and also with you out there reading this. I mean, how am I gonna learn if I can't face things, right? Another thing that strikes me is that I am tired of people reading things about me before I can tell them. I know, I know, it's my own fault because I put stuff on there, and I shouldn't be putting things on there that I don't want people to see or to read. But oh my word, it is such a temptation when I have that little post box thing and it's empty and I'm reading about what fun things others are doing or's hard not to want to join in on the fun and have people pay attention to you. I mean, am I completely off here? Am I the only one that does this? I know, I'm a crazy girl, but hey, I'm also an honest girl. Well, most of the time. :)

Now, don't think I hate facebook and look down on anyone that is a part of facebook. I think facebook is great, I love it, if I had a time log you'd realize just how much I loved's just time for this girl to take a break and stop stalking everyone and looking for attention in the wrong places. I also am now going to hopefully be able to not tell Scott "oh yeah, yeah, already read that on your post this morning. I could not believe he said that!" and "Yes, we totally need to hang out with them soon. What? Yes, I already saw their comment on your post. Hardy, har har, yes, I'm stalking my own husband, blah blah blah, your hilarious." Um...yeah, and I'm crazy, that's why this works so well. Actually this works so well because he loves me so unconditionally inspite of my craziness but that is a whole nother post.

Well, I'm so totally done typing and thinking. I don't know if post even flows in a pattern that is comprehensible, kinda don't care right now. But I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it makes you stop and think a teensy bit.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I so approve ;) But you know I always approved of everything you did long before Facebook came along. I love you chica and I love that you are just as human as the rest of us. I think that you are more mature than many for realizing what emotional impact this has had on you.