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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First facebok moment and thinking

So, I receive an email from Real Simple every day with a "daily thought." When I had facebook, I would use these daily thoughts as my status update. Well, today's was a good one and I wanted to put it on my facebook for others to see and read and maybe get a little chuckle or a "yep, me too." As I was copying it to take it over to post on facebook I had the DUH! moment and remembered that I no longer reside on the "book of face" as Scott likes to call it. It's gonna take sometime to change my mind frame...back to how it should be, but that's okay. I can do this! (like it's some huge deal or something, sheesh). And how cute is my husband, this morning when I asked if he saw that I had taken the huge step of getting off of facebook he says, "yeah, I know, now all my profile says is married."

So, since I know you are all so curious as what Real Simples Daily Though was, here ya's a good one:
"I run so my goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of my belly." ~ Bill Kirby
Also, on a total side note, my two favorite thinking places/times are when I'm running and when I'm in the shower. Seriously, those are the times that I am having to be in my own head space and makes me think about things that I may not take time during the busy day to think about. I have a lot of talks with God while running and in the that weird? I don't really think so, I mean, he knew when we were in our mother's womb for crying in the night! But yeah, best thinking times, best times to debate and wrestle with myself and with God, best time to epiphany's and aha moments, best time to get ideas and even to write blog posts...all in my head of course. Anyone out there care to comment on where their favorite thinking spots/times are?


Lori said...

I do a lot of thinking in the shower as well. As we all know, my knees don't run so I don't think while running because I don't run! But the shower, yep that's the place for me!

Kelly T said...

Proud of you for your facebook honesty. It can take too much time - way to listen to God's will in your life and sacrifice your own desires.

I LOVE for my running time to be my thinking time. Once you have kids it feels even more precious, because you just don't have as much time to do anything (especially think) as you used to. I am working right now on being content because I want to be out running so bad. Enjoy your runs for me, friend!